If I were to pinpoint one of the single most important things that happened early in my online entrepreneurial journey, it was the moment that I began to finally take responsibility for at least beginning to learn basic graphic and web design skills. I’m not even talking about expert proficiency, but rather just knowing enough of the basics to quickly get a version of my idea online. Prior to that, I was at the mercy of others.

Case in point, after having been told 100 excuses from Sunday for why my website wasn’t finished yet, I once walked into my developer’s apartment and found him high as a kite and sitting next to a disturbingly tall pile of empty tuna cans. The night before, he and his friends had drunkenly shot his kitchen into oblivion with an automatic BB gun and then systematically covered his entire living room with drawings of 6 ft dicks.

If you’re keeping up, this meant that the success or failure of my online startup was completely in the hands of a tuna breathed drunk with comically large dicks on his wall. Surely, if this idiot had managed to learn, I could too. I’ve made it a habit to learn as much as possible ever since!

At the end of the day, ideas are like assholes. Everyone has them. And any idea that you’ve had — no matter how genius the idea, there are usually at least 100 other people out there trying to do the same thing. It’s being able to successfully execute and build upon every inch of momentum that is within your grasp that will separate you from actually doing something, versus someday sitting around whining about all of your “missed opportunities.” You’re not buying a dryer from Best Buy here, you’re building something from nothing. Be willing to put in the work.

Between widely available (and often free) step-by-step educational videos and simple-to-use publishing platforms like WordPress, it’s now easier than ever for basically anyone with an interest and an idea to get their project live to the world within a matter of days (or hours), without having to depend on others.

It doesn’t have to be perfect at first, it just needs to be something you can build upon and improve over time. I’d like to reiterate this point and be abundantly clear: If starting your own website is something that you are legitimately serious about, don’t let the fear of not knowing how to do it stop you. You can do this. Just get started.

If you take away only one thing from reading this article, please let it be that you already have everything you need to succeed in getting started with your own website or online business. It’s just a matter of you realizing it. As you’ll see further down, there isn’t much you can’t learn online if you actually take the time to do so. And while a lot of people stress about money, there are completely free training and publishing options available to you. Two of my most financially successful web projects launched with budgets under $250. StartupStud.com originally launched for $75. Again, you don’t have to throw a ton of money at this, you just need to invest your time.

You can even start by just writing some articles on the back of a grease-stained napkin on your lunch break, if that’s what it takes. Have questions? I’m more than happy to try and help answer them. E-Mail me. Just get started. Can you commit to doing something each day and learning as much as you have time for along the way? If yes, then you’ll eventually kill it. Just get started.

In knowing all of this, if you still don’t at least try to do something that you’ve always wanted to, then let’s stop bullshitting yourself and everyone around you….you’re not actually serious. Go watch Netflix or something. Otherwise, let’s immediately take action and watch at least the first 15 minutes of a course you’re interested in. If you can’t do that right now, ok, let’s bookmark this page for later and just write down your ideas for the next 15 minutes. Do something immediately and then just keep doing that something until you’ve reached your goals. That’s how this works for you.