If purchasing (or “seeding”) a fake following on your social media accounts is something that you’re seriously considering, let’s pause for a moment and just think about how embarrassing this will look to anyone who sees it.

Pretend you are 13 years old and are all bent out of shape because, out of all your middle school friends, you’re about the only one who hasn’t kissed a girl or found someone to be “madly in love” with.

You sit alone at the lunchroom table and, in full view of all your swooned friends, are inspired to concoct a totally ‘believable’ story about “Ashley.” You know, the really, really hot girl you’re dating who lives in Canada.

You find a picture, build up a backstory and then run wild telling everyone at school how madly in love you are with “Ashley.” Also, how much she probably definitely wants to have sex with you.


The story snowballs and now you’re totally attached to having a fake girlfriend that no one actually believes exists.

They may be nice about it to your face, but they’re definitely making fun of you behind your back. A lot. Like, they’re seriously making fun of you. They wake up, brush their teeth and then immediately resume making fun of you and your fake Canadian girlfriend.

The rest of your middle school career will now be spent enduring jokes and “dude, come on, that is still not funny” notes left on your locker. And, as a cherry on this cake of pathetic despair, no one named Ashley probably definitely wants to have sex with you.

If you make the ridiculous decision to buy fake followers, it’ll be Ashley all over again.

You’re Not Fooling Anyone With Fake Followers.

It used to be that only some people knew how to spot those who had a bullshit “following.” These days anyone who has spent more than an hour on the internet can see it a mile away. You’re not going to fool anyone.

If you were trying to do it to gain more business, there is a good chance it will end up doing the total opposite. You’ll damage your reputation and will be hard to trust. Also, fake followers don’t interact or do anything you need them to, so they are completely pointless towards your marketing needs.

Once you go down that road, it’s pretty difficult (if not impossible) to reverse your terrible decision without just completely deleting everything and starting over.

You’re just stuck with 22,018 followers, next to no user interaction and, even now, no one named Ashley probably definitely wants to have sex with you. – JC