You  have the world’s library at your fingertips. Whether you’re brand new, or a seasoned online veteran, I’ll bet you anything that you’ll find courses through the below-recommended links for things that you didn’t already know and that will expand your skillset towards being a more self-reliant online entrepreneur!

  • LyndaLynda is the Rolls Royce of online training courses and is one that I’ve happily used for several years now. If there is a piece of software or relevant to online business skill set that you can think of, there are almost certainly 10 different kinds of courses on Lynda for it that are included in your unlimited monthly membership. 
  • CodeAcademy – Providing FREE interactive training lessons, Code Academy is perhaps the best online as it teaches you step by step everything you need to know about building code. While coding may not be for everyone, I’d recommend checking out the very basic HTML and CSS courses as they are quick and will give you a leg up on simple site edits. 
  • PluralSightAnother massive library of available eLearning, PluralSight provides a more targeted focus on the technical elements of networking, servers, Microsoft specific and a very robust collection of developer courses.
  • Digital Tutors If you’re looking to learn game development, 3D, VFX and all of the related technical software courses that fall in between, Digital Tutors is your go to. 
  • Code SchoolAnother excellent code specific resource, Code School adds video training into your in browser courses. 
  • TutsPlusAnother excellent training library in the creative space, Tuts offers courses on code, illustration, photography, web design and more. 
  • 360Training – With everything from Food Safety, OSHA Training, Real Estate, Food & Beverage Training to an equally impressive list of Business & Personal Skills courses, 360Training has over 6,000 courses that cover specific training for employees and business owners alike.
  • TrainSimple Offers 6,534 training videos which specialize specifically on all things Adobe and web design.
  • CreativeLive Online training with an emphasis on professional photography, photography business tips and all things within the realm of a professional’s toolbox. 
  • UdemyI both love and hate Udemy. On the plus side, they have a very diverse group of eLearning courses available for pretty much anything you could think to want to know (example: learn to start an eBay drop shipping business from A – Z), but you can never be sure if you’re paying what you should be. Udemy’s courses are individually priced and the internet is littered with coupon codes for them, ranging from 10 – 90% off. 
  • YouTube As obvious of an option as it seems, we can’t forget YouTube on this list! If you’re running into a problem, the odds are someone has made a how-to video about it. Just search YouTube and let them walk you through it. 
  • GoogleLast but not least, don’t forget your old safety here. If you still don’t know something, Google it!


What Should You Start Learning?

Having access to exceptional learning resources is absolutely useless if you don’t know what you should learn. If you’re totally new to it all, that’s ok, we’ll get you through this.

While there are an infinite number of different kinds of projects you can start online, I’d like your first goal be to learn how to get a decent looking website online, complete with a base number of posts about something you’re interested in. If we can have you start with that, you’ll get the basics down pat and everything else will begin falling into place.

For this we are going to want to use the above resources to learn 1) WordPress, 2) the very basic fundamentals of Photoshop, and 3) Online Marketing for beginners. Throughout your learning, work on getting your site up. After your site is online, you’ll want to start spending some time in the online entrepreneur forums that I’ve recommended here and also look for some useful groups in your area for relevant meetups to what you’re working on.

Everyone is in a different spot financially. If you can afford $20 a month for a bit, I’d recommend for those lessons. If that’s a bit of a commitment for you, don’t stress, just search Youtube for the same kinds of guides. They won’t be as comprehensive in terms of being step-by-step, but all of same information is on there.