They say the failure rate for new businesses is somewhere around an abysmal 90% (don’t be discouraged by that, i’ll explain why later), but I’d imagine the failure-to-launch rate for new business ideas is probably a little closer to 99%. Everyone has ideas and everyone wants to do their own thing. Problem is, their gear seems to be stuck in “I” (idea mode) and they never do anything with it.

We’ve all been there. You’re in the shower and that magic “ahh ha” moment drapes itself around an idea. The little wheels start spinning in your head, frantic napkin writing ensues and you run around excitedly telling everyone you see your next million dollar endeavor. A couple days pass by, the weeks pile on and your idea is as dead as an 90s child actor’s film career. You rinse, repeat and the whole thing happens again with another 10 perfectly decent ideas.

Why? Well, it’s simpler than you’d imagine. Most people think that their enemy in getting things to fruition is money, talent or and or fitting it into their busy schedule. Those things are factors, to be sure, but the biggest threat to your new idea is actually: the length of time it takes to have any sign of life whatsoever. 

To be clear, plenty of your ideas are going to sound better in your head than they do in practice, but a lack of any momentum within a short window of time is going to be their death sentence, regardless. To quote Nike here: Just Do It.