Hi, I’m Jack Colton. I’ve been involved in startups and digital media business concepts continuously since 1998. In the years since, I’ve developed a knack for starting successful online businesses about the things that I enjoy doing.

And before I scare you off with a long and boring description of what StartupStud.com is about, let me wet your entrepreneurial appetite with the fact that I’m probably most known for: I made over $1 Million by blogging about partying in Vegas.

True story. But we’ll get to that in a minute…

For now, let’s quickly run through what you can expect on StartupStud.com. 

I’ve had hundreds-upon-hundreds of people reach out to me over the years asking how they too can start their own websites or put their digital business ideas into action. I love helping people and get really excited when I see them get so into their businesses that, not only do they make an impressive amount of money, they end up knowing more than I do about digital marketing.

livewithpassionI started this site (and it’s Instagram account: @startupstud) because I was sick of seeing all of the totally shitty websites and books out there that hype people up about launching their own businesses, but then don’t actually give them the proper tools and information that are necessary to succeed.

It’s the stuff that stops most people from ever getting anywhere with an online business. The skills that are necessary to start seeing results. And, most importantly, the path that develops your intuition to see extremely profitable opportunities all around you that are there for the taking.

In the coming weeks, you’ll notice more available courses (both free and paid), recommended service providers (designers, developers, writers, you name it) and available coaches to help get you through your launch and any roadblocks you might be facing.

So what have I done and why do I know what I’m talking about?

Well, for starters…..

I made over $1 Million blogging about partying in Vegas.

Yep, and I’m a total geek, too. Typically geeks don’t do this kind of thing. We usually keep to ourselves. But I was in my early 20s and was having a blast. And when you’re an online entrepreneur at heart, you can’t help but to see opportunity in the things around you.

This was a classic example of taking something that you enjoy doing and building a business by creating something that actually solves a legitimate need.jackcoltonjudging

I was frustrated by the fact the information online about Las Vegas nightlife was pretty crappy, so I launched a site called JackColton.com that helped people plan vacations the kind of vacations that I’d want to have if I were in their shoes.

I did everything for the site from design, SEO, writing content, to every ounce of it’s marketing and publicity.

And I didn’t just want to get a ‘few’ visitors, I wanted the site to be HUGE.

So I worked day and night to master the art of self-promotion and to be the best I could be at positioning myself as the “go to guy” for the world’s media when they were covering Vegas nightlife.

I routinely interviewed for national media outlets, including Forbes, USA Today, NY Times, Los Angeles Times, MSNBC, the Travel Channel, Expedia, Associated Press and many more.

When it comes to trying to get the attention of someone who can you, I have an important rule:  Help them to help themselves by making their job easier. That’s all that matters. They’re all people, after all. Just trying to get through life like the rest of us. I knew if I could make their reporting as simple as possible (extensive answers, pre-written articles, you name it), I’d be their first call. And it worked.

msnbc_jackcoltonWhen they were doing fluff pieces about millionaires spending way too much money partying, they’d call me. Holiday weekend travel articles? I was the guy. If a celebrity was doing something stupid in Vegas, just text Jack Colton.

I’m not kidding. When it was found out that Tiger Woods was sleeping with Vegas cocktail waitresses (remember his wife beating him with a golf club?), I woke up with hundreds of voicemails from pretty much every media outlet on earth.

Fox & Friends even called my 70-year-old father trying to get ahold of me.

But positioning myself nationally was only a part of the larger strategy, I also needed to constantly keep my name in the local media. So I did that, too.

I was regularly featured on billboards, television spots, full-page magazine ads and had columns in the local entertainment magazines.

Alright, I’ll admit it. Opening a magazine and seeing my name, face or business on at least several different pages was a cool feeling. It’s a wayjack_colton_weekly to make all those people who picked on you in high school for being a dork, suddenly feel silly. And since self-promotion was a crucial part of my business strategy, I found a fun way to make sure that happened often. In addition to always pitching my own content and article ideas…

I hosted a hundred or so pretty legendary parties at the top-grossing nightclubs on earth.

The site was already an extremely important marketing partner for all of the nightclubs and I wanted to make sure it stayed that way. Additionally, I wanted to build my databases and make sure everything was regularly in the print media. Easy solution? Throw lots of parties.

las_vegas_sex_symbolsAgain, do something that makes someone’s job easier. The club marketing directors needed events and I had a ridiculously large database and was able to listen to site users to come up with popular event ideas. And we did a TON of them. Awards parties. Launch parties. You name it. Apparently it became so routine for Las Vegas club management to pitch JackColton.com parties, that their jobs were threatened if they didn’t come up with their own ideas.

One May we decided to throw a user appreciation party for the site’s visitors from around the world. I made 200 wristbands available for guys and 200 for girls. Each wristband would allow them to skip the line at 5 nightclubs and 5 pools over the course of 5 days.

They sold out in 45 minutes!

So I started a nightlife tour company, Jackify.

The all-access weekend concept was at the time new in Vegas, but clearly there was a demand, so I started a jackifyspin-off company called Jackify Nightlife Tours, which hosted the same kind of weekend much more often. To expand our distribution and help fill the weekends, I partnered with the major airlines, national booking sites and anyone who was relevant in that space.

Around the same time…

I co-founded a DJ management company, Blackout Artists.

blackoutartistsUsing the relationships we’d established with all of the nightlife management companies, my partner Kalika Moquin and I launched an open format DJ management company called Blackout Artists.

While this company has since gone on to turn into something bigger, I opted to be hands off after the first six months or so and work on other things…

I launched a viral website that had over 24,000,000 page views and a 7 figure acquisition offer from a publicly traded company – within it’s first 6 months.

I was sitting in bed one night and realized I liked Digg.com. And since Digg.com was merely a number of curated articles and videos each day, Iunlooker_stats figured I could do the same thing. I called up a buddy, invited him to join me as a partner and we launched Unlooker.

A week later, we were doing 15,000 people per day. The 50,000. Then servers started crashing. Then we were on TruTV and in magazines. And getting massive offers to buy us out. This one is actually a pretty awesome story on it’s own, so I’ll leave it at that and let you read the whole thing here if you want to.

In 2014, I sold my ownership in the companies that I founded and spent the next couple of years intermittently traveling and being an overall adrenaline junky.

jack colton mountainI woke up one morning and decided it was time to exit everything, giving me the chance to tackle new adventures and others the opportunity to take the brands I’d built into expansions that I wouldn’t have been able to. In short, I put it all for sale. In less than a week, we had multiple interested parties bidding against one another, but I ultimately went with the one who I believed would best protect what I’d created.

Anthony Nuzzo of Rhino Equity fund took control of my nightlife brands, hiring Andrew Kahn to run them.

Meanwhile, I went on a couple of year adventure that took me to the pits of the Amazon Jungle, the depths of the Indian Ocean, the glaciers of Iceland and, well, a lot of much less exciting time sitting at home watching Netflix.


While I was out trying to not die, the new owners of JackColton.com decided to fly in 30 super models and shoot an awesome promo video (with someone who was definitely not me).

In 2015, I began consulting startups on their launch strategies and marketing campaigns.

As I awoke from my two-year task of doing nothing work wise, I began consulting businesses and startups, which reinvigorated my passion for this kind of thing. That’s what led to my launching this site. I love this stuff. And I can’t wait to help you love it too.

Always Be Moving,


Jack Colton

E-Mail: jc@startupstud.com
Skype: jack.colton1
Mailing: 8022 South Rainbow, Ste 239, Las Vegas, NV 89139