Nothing can torpedo your credibility faster than butchering the spelling and grammar of your website’s articles and sales copy. It’s the online entrepreneur’s equivalent of getting caught with your zipper undone. Your readers are just humming along, enjoying your content and then you slap them in the face with an error so bad that your high school English teacher is probably out looking for a grave to roll over in.

Help save yourself the embarrassment by getting into the habit of using one (or more) of these free and paid correction applications. They are simple to use and can be installed directly into your browser, onto your computer or be used on their website(s):

  • Grammarly: Automatically finds & corrects mistakes of your writing, underlines errors directly in your web browser (*Strongly Recommend). 
  • GingerSoftware: Similar to Grammarly, but offers enhanced grammar correction at no additional charge (*Strongly Recommend). 
  • Reverso: Another spelling and grammar service, but only available on their website.
  • Hemingway: Paste your text into their site and it will highlight complicated sentences, weak adverbs and more. 

If you are working on a project important enough for a professional to be involved (or your writing is just that bad), here are some online resources for hiring actual human copy editors:

  • Wordy: With packages starting at $49 for 1,650 words, Wordy offers a fast turnaround and has editors available 24/7 to work at a moment’s notice. 
  • Upwork: Formerly known as Odesk, Upwork allows you to search from many thousands of freelancers who are reviewed and work under the site’s guidelines.
  • Similar to Odesk, allows you to search copy editors from their database of reviewed freelancers.
  • Another freelancer search platform. 


“In the past, people used to tell me to shut up a bit. But what I believe is to put out your opinion and let everyone else react. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong.”

– Mark Cuban

It gets better. Enjoy this grab bag of other tools, services, and plugins that can help any blogger or content creator shine:

  • Headline Analyzer:  Analyze your headlines for emotional impact and effectiveness.
  • Masterclass: If you’re going to learn, you might as well learn from the most successful in the business. Masterclass taps into the upper echelon of various fields for educational video series. Usher teaches the art of performance, Serena Williams teaches tennis, Annie Leibovitz teaches photography and 19 time New York Times Bestselling Author James Patterson teaches his writing techniques.   
  • Expresswriters: Or just skip the writing altogether and hire someone else to write your articles for you. 
  • Egg Timer: Help your productivity by setting a timer for undistracted writing.  
  • Editorial Calendar:  Schedule your blog posts by dragging & dropping into a calendar.  
  • Liberio: Create an eBook from your Google Drive.
  • PlagScan: Check your text to see if it will show up as being plagiarized.
  • Copyscape: Enter in your website URL to see if any content from your site comes up on other websites.